Tips for making currents using mobile banking: Kitaswara

includes a panin call center for secure transactions

Panin Bank has always been one of those banks that establishes the security of its customers’ transactions  and provides  centres A call center from Panin is ready to serve  you quickly and respond at any time.

The higher movement of  your transaction, the greater the risk of violating the security of an account. Much can now eliminate your account balance when the security of  a witch is not guaranteed, there is no secret.

The more complex technology, the more complex crime is in this  one.Many  have unknowingly stolen their accounts Cyber criminals. It is clear that no one wants to be vulnerable to this. But for Panin customers, the security of their transaction is guaranteed.

While something undesirable happens to his client  someday, everything  is handled as well as possible  by Middle Services Panin’s call center. For two of two people who are unfamiliar with this bank call center service, we would advise you to attend.

Panin Bank Call Center Service

Like call centres run by other banks, Panin’s call centres also meet all customer requirements.Start From complaint services when the system is in trouble, complaints about loss of ATM cards or credit cards, requests to close bank accounts or ATMs and so on.

You can contact the bank’s call center 500678 (PSTN), 021-25155555 (IDD) or 60678 (mobile). All three numbers can be adjusted by connecting using a mobile or cell phone cable.

Tips to avoid fraud via ATMs

So far there has been no denial of the fact that there have been numerous cases of fraud involving ATM users.cheating A lot of this happens because consumers have been duped enorously by the lure of money provided by fraudsters.

However, customers are first asked to transfer certain amounts first. After that, those applicants run away without any trace.  There are different methods Many  more of the fraud you need to know. For those who don’t want to fall into a bank trap, Panin has tips to avoid it.

  1. Ignore SMS of stakes

The most common method of fraud in society starts with a short message with a cash draw.You’ll then be asked to send some money to the SMS sender.

If you receive a message like this, it is better than ignored. Because it is certain it is a scam or you can   contact the Panin Call Center .

  1. Swallow ATM

Incidents of ATM swallowing are very common, but it’s known that some people have actually used the case to begin their languishing will.When you meet a device Incidents like this you should know  when someone offers them assistance to  contact a panin call centre  via their mobile  phone Jehovah’s Wit

It’s best to contact a call center via  your personal cellphone to request a cardblock and provide information on the location of the ATM machine.

  1. Suspect stuff in ATM engine

Before acting on  an ATM machine, you should first check if there are any odd obfects around the machine, especially in the Ka Reader section Please contact the call center when you find strange observatories around the ATM.

This is because many people intentionally keep card hackers.So your ATM balance  will automatically move to the offender’s balance.

Tips for making currents using mobile banking

Mobile banking consumption is now very widespread and is increasing every day.This is due to the ease getting from m-b Anking is very useful in all kinds of transactions; just like mobile banking ATMs do not escape the threat to security.

But Panin Bank has tips for making safety transactions using m-banking, such as:

  1. Download m-banking applications from official panin bank sources

You can download via the PlayStore or App Store, but note that the development company must come from Panin Bank If it wasn’t from Panin Bank, you  wouldn’t try  to use it because scams are very dangerous.

But if you have already downloaded   it,  you  can contact the Panin call centre to block your account as soon as possible.

  1. Using secure Internet networks

When you want to open an m-banking app, it is highly recommended to use private Internet networks and have a very secure system because if you are Not doing so, your account will be too vulnerable to being hacked by irresponsible people.   So the use of public wi-fi is very upsetting.

  1. Regular pin changes

To strengthen the security of your m-banking account, it is highly recommended to change a PIN regularly. because someone may have guessed the pipes and done something dangerous.

  1. Contact a call center when you lose your phone

Since there is a phone cylinder in your m-banking bank account, you need to contact the call centre to block the m-banking account.

Tips for being safe from induction

The crime of injection is a terrible crime for account holders.The reason is that the offender takes all the personal data of our account. from ID to PIN to remove your account balance.

Offenders can do plumbing by creating a website that resembles Target Bank’s original website. sometimes current aspects This kind is inseparable from one look; many people are cheated.  Here are  tips to prevent  you from experiencing  an epidemic.

  1. Always goes to the bank’s legal address. Although it looks similar, when watched from their addresses It’s really different. For bank panel customers, make sure the website you
  2. Do not provide information about your ID and PIN to anyone. These two things are your absolute rights and privates .
  3. If you experience immediate jumping ,  please contact the Panin call centre for closure or send.
  4. Don’t click on links about sweeping and other methods of fraud.

Tips for making secure transactions through internet banking

In addition to banking, ATMs and mobile banking, internet banking is also very popular and has a lot of users.This type of business There are also threats, like other types of transactions. however, everything can certainly be avoided by making the following commercial suggestions.

  1. Access to Panin’s official website is the most important security key while conducting a transaction.
  2. When logging in to the site, make sure your browser works to encrypt the SSL marked by the appearance of padlock on the list Above. If there is no picture of the padlock, you should record immediately because it is too weak to hack your bank account.
  3. Before entering, you actually need to identify whether the site you are logging into is correct and open a brown area.
  4. The use of firewalls as computer security from hacker interference or cybercrime.
  5. Even if ID and PIN are the people closest to you, don’t show or tell anyone else.
  6. Install anti-virus antivirus to cover the possibility of hacking or systemic damage caused by the master Please contact Panin’s call center when you have already been exposed  to the virus.

The security of all types of transactions is really important and requires guarantees from the bank. So Panin Bank is always   ready through Panin’s call center service to help you.

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