How to Build Chest Muscles with Easy and Practical Exercises: Naisha

If you type “how to build chest muscles” in the Google search field, you will find links to a wide variety of sites. Each offers a program or exercise method that is more or less-a-lot different. However, what exactly is the best or fastest way to build chest muscles?

The structure of the pectoral muscles and their functions

Before getting into the various types of exercises, it’s a good idea to first get to know the muscles you are going to practice. Your chest consists of two types of muscles: the large one is called pectoralis major, while the small pectoralis is minor. Pectoralis major is a thick fan-shaped muscle located in the anterior chest wall. The pectoralis minor is triangular in shape that binds the ribs and enters into the coracoid mechanism.

Pec major is responsible for movements related to the humeral arm bone. So, the movement of lifting weights forward, sideways, and so on will train the muscles of this part. What about pec minor? This muscle has the task of stabilizing the shoulder blades.

The most popular exercises for building this muscle are bench press, dumbbell press, dumbbell fly, cable crossover, and push ups. However, your training options aren’t limited to that.

How to form good and correct pectoral muscles

Having tight pectoral muscles is one of the requirements for having a dream body. Well, it may not be necessary to be like Ade Rai or Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. At least like Lee Dong Wook.

Having good pectoral muscles can make people more confident. Not only that, when training and building muscles, inevitably, you must be practicing other body parts and consuming Fitness Supplements as well. This over time will also make you healthier.

Then, what kind of exercises can build this muscle well? Here, BukaReview describes

1. Cable Cross, one of the exercises that can easily build pectoral muscles

The first way to form chest muscles that you can do is to do Cable cross. How to train the pectoral muscles with a cable cross, the first time please position the pull lever on top with your palms closed.

When pulling the lever, make sure that the legs stand shoulder-width apart with their elbows slightly bent. Pull both levers towards the bottom until both hands meet in front of your hips.

2. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press, one of the most popular exercises in the gym

This chest-forming movement is very familiar, especially if you are a person who likes to do weight training. To do so, sit on the sloping bench that has been provided and make sure your hands can touch the floor.

The movement begins with lifting the dumbbell up until your arm is straight. Then, lower the dumbbell wide until it forms a grasping position. This is also one of the ways to Enlarge the Arm Muscles.

3. Push Ups, very practical and can be done anywhere

If you want to have a chest shape, doing push ups is the right choice. This way of raising chest muscles with push ups does not require the help of tools at all.  Push ups can not only build chest muscles. More than that, when you do push ups, your arm muscles will also be formed.

4. Weighted Push Ups, can be practiced without the help of tools


Weighted push ups are one of  the Simple Fitness Movements that quickly build chest muscles that you can easily do, even at home. The movement of this sport can be said to be a variation of push ups, but a weight is added above the back.

To do it is quite easy. When you are in the push up position, please put the weight on your back.

5. Plyometric Push Up – a variant of push ups that can form chest muscles as well as back and thighs


Plyometric push up movements basically have movements similar to push ups. The difference lies in that when you do Plyometric push ups, it is necessary to add a little push push using the hand in every push up movement.

How to train chest muscles with Plyometric push ups you can also easily do at home. When you train your chest muscles through Plyometric push ups, you also simultaneously train arm muscles that can increase the muscles of the arms, back, and thighs. Remembering the weight of your body will rest on your arms when doing pushes.

6. Chair Dips – exercises that can be done while working in the office

Chair dips are a type of exercise that can form chest muscles, triceps, and shoulders. As the name suggests, Chair dips are exercises that are carried out using the help of chairs.

How to do this starts with you positioning both hands until they are shoulder-width apart on the chair. After that, please lift the weight slowly using your hands. Continue by bending your knees towards the back, then lower them slowly.

7. Pull Up – easy, but requires tools


How to build chest muscles with Pull ups can be said to be the most difficult exercise to do. To do so, please position your hands shoulder-width apart by grasping the pull up tightly. Then, raise your body until the chest is parallel to the bar, hold it for a while, then lower it. Repeat this movement 10 times and do it in 3 sets. You can use pain relief creams to treat pain after exercise,

8. Rotation Push Up


Having almost the same movements as push ups, this one weight training is also very effective for building chest muscles. The thing that distinguishes it from ordinary push ups is that the movement of the hand up and down is carried out alternately right and left. First position the body in the push up position.

Start from the condition of the two hands that are upright and then alternately bend the right and left hands. Place the weight of the body on one of the sides of the hand that performs up-and-down movements. Perform this movement as many as three sets ten times each set on a regular basis.

9. Archer Push Up


If you have a strong enough arm, you can do this move. Archer push ups are push up movements that use only one hand. This exercise is not only effective in building chest muscles, but can also train the tricep muscles, shoulders, and abdomen.

How to do it is quite easy. Take the position of push ups in general, raise one of the hands and place them to the side parallel to the position of the body. Use the other hand to support the weight of the body and slowly make up and down movements.

10. Chair dips


Another weight training that can be done to train the pectoral muscles is chair dips. You need media in the form of a chair or other tools that can support your weight when doing this movement. Actually, this movement is a variation in the formation of chest and arm muscles so that the results can be more evenly distributed and you also get maximum results with just one movement.

First position your hands shoulder-width apart and place them on a chair. Lift the body slowly by using your hands as a support. Bend your knees towards the back and then slowly lower your body. Feel the movement of the muscles on the part of the shoulder stimulated through this movement. Do not do this movement in a hurry because it may result in injury.


11. Flat bench press

Equipment needed: barbell or dumbbell, flat bench

  • Lie on your back on a stool with your knees bent and your legs flat on the floor. Hold the barbell, with your thumbs around the barbell and palms facing towards the feet. Press the arms straight towards the ceiling to lift the weight off the rack.
  • Move the load above the chest level.
  • Bend the elbows down at an angle of 45 degrees, slowly lowering the load to the chest. Keep the bars roughly parallel to the nipples.
  • Pause for a moment, then press the load back to the starting position.
  • Complete 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.
  • Remember to keep your back flat and maintain good weight control. Also keep the neck neutral to avoid excessive tension. It is recommended to ask others for help to ensure safety in this exercise.


12. Decline bench press

Equipment needed: barbell or dumbbell, inclined bench

  • Lie on your back on an oblique stool, with knees bent and ankles secured behind the ankle backrest. Hold the barbell, with your thumbs around the barbell and palms facing towards the feet. Press the arms straight to lift the weight off the rack.
  • Position the load above the lower chest to the upper abdominal area. Slowly bend the elbows to lower the load to the chest, approximately parallel to the nipples.
  • Pause, then press the load back to the initial position.
  • Complete 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions.


13. Chest dip

Equipment needed: chest dip tool

  • Stand facing the two bars parallel and hold the two, the palms are facing inward. Straighten the elbows and press them to the hands, raising the body up so that it is parallel to the hands.
  • Then, bend the elbows and lower the chest towards the hands.
  • Stop, then press back to the initial position.
  • Do 3 sets with 8-12 reps.

Easy, right? Do it regularly and consistently to get optimal results, yes.

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