How to Fitness for Overweight Beginners: ILYASWEB

Fitness or fitness training has indeed been done by many people. Fitness exercises are considered useful in maintaining overall body health.
Fitness is also often recommended for overweight people to help lose weight and exercise muscle mass.

However, how to fitness for beginners who are fat usually has differences. Fitness will start from light but intense movements as an adjustment stage.

If you start wanting fitness but are still confused about determining the movement, here are some ways to start fitness to try, citing various sources.

1. Walking

The most basic movement during fitness and can be chosen by beginners is walking or walking using a treadmill. Or, it can also be done just a walk along a special track outdoors.

Try walking 1 mile to help burn about 100 calories. But, make sure you have enabled the settings.

In addition to walking in an intense time without stopping, there is nothing wrong with slightly combining it with uphill running movements using the incline mode feature on the treadmill.

Speed is very adjustable to your abilities, such as slow, medium, or fast.

2. Push

ups Then there are push up movements that effectively burn fat while forming a more ideal body.

To make it even more optimal, you can use push up bars that help stimulate their movements.

Every movement on the push ups is very beneficial trains the whole limb and strengthens the core muscles.

In addition, regularly following push ups or modifying movements is also good at reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Bridges Movement

The next way to fitness for fat beginners is bridges. This movement serves to strengthen the core muscles while building the lower back and gluteus muscles.

The movement begins with lying on your back on the floor or mat while bending both parts of the knees.

Put both your hands next to the body as usual, then lift the hips up, hold them, and then go down slowly. Repeat about 20 times slowly.

If done regularly and regularly, bridges movements are very useful in reducing knee and back pain that is generally often felt by obese body owners.

4. Side leg lifts Movements

Side leg lifts are recommended to train the body, especially the lower part, namely the legs.

The pose is also simple because you just need to lie down and then tilt the body to the left or right side, then lift your legs from the side in an up and down motion.

Do it alternately with the next side side 15-20 times. These movements can be combined using a gym ball.

According to the results of the study, side leg lifts that are carried out regularly are quite influential in reducing pain and strengthening the hips.

5. Using a stationary bike

Riding a stationary bike has benefits related to increasing heart rate and improving posture.

The results of the study found that a person weighing 84 kg could burn about 311 calories for 30 minutes using just a medium intensity stationary bike.

If the speed is increased, it also affects the amount of calorie burning to 466 Kcal.

Movement on a stationary bike includes cardio exercises that effectively burn fat.

The whole movement of this fitness method for fat beginners is very possible every day.

You can practice about 15-20 minutes per day by repeating each movement up to 20 times. Do as many as 2-3 sessions.

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